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September 15, 2022 

                               Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Who are the regular members of the GSIS?

A. Government employees receiving fixed monthly compensations while in the        service of the government agency by virtue of an appointment or election to public office regardless of status of appointment except Uniformed Personnel of the AFP, PNP BJMP and BFP in which their monthly Premium Contribution have been stop effective June 24, 1997 pursuant to RA 8291.

Q. How much is the monthly contribution of a regular members to GSIS?

A. The employee’s share in the Life Insurance and Retirement Contribution of Regular members is 9% of their Basic Salary while the Employer’s share is 12 % of the same. This is mandated under section 5 of RA 8291 or the GSIS Charter.

Q. What is the Employees Compensation Program (ECP)?

A. The Employees Compensation Program is a government program designed to provide meaningful and appropriate compensation to workers in the event of work related contingencies. Monthly contribution is being paid the employer for Php100.00 per employee

Q. What are the causes of the recurring problem regarding GSIS remittances?

A. Updating of members’ data thru Agency Authorized Officer (AAO), RMD, DPRM to GSIS members’ profile.

Q. Is it mandatory to all PNP personnel to have a GSIS Business Partner Number, Pag-IBIG MID Number, PhilHealth Identification Number and Tax Identification Number?

A. Yes. It is mandatory for all PNP personnel to secure those Identification Number that serve as a unique identification of individual employee to concerned government entities.

Q. What will the PNP personnel must do if their GSIS deduction are not accepted by the GSIS EBCS due to unmatched records?

A. The PNP personnel with unmatched record with the GSIS members’ profile must update their records through PNP Agency Authorized Officer (AAO) RMD, DPRM for subsequent submission to GSIS. Remittance will only be accepted by the GSIS EBCS upon compliance with the deficiency by submission of the updated information of the affected personnel through Agency Remittance Advice.



Q: What is the reference on the CY 2022 PhilHealth Premium    Contribution Schedule for All Direct Contributors?

A: PhilHealth Advisory No 2022-0010




Q: How much is PhilHealth Government Share Contribution and PhilHealth Personal Share Contribution?

A: 2% of Base Pay for Government Share and 2% of Base Pay for Personal Share

Q: Is the retired Uniformed Personnel still entitled for the hospitalization benefits from PhilHealth?

A: Yes, the compulsory retired Uniformed Personnel is entitled to a lifetime hospitalization benefits while those who retired optionally shall pay directly their monthly contribution at any PhilHealth Office until they reach the compulsory age of 56 to be a Lifetime Member.