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                                                            September 22, 2022


Reference: CAAD Resolution No. 04-2022 dated June 29, 2022.

            “In adherence to the approved CAAD Resolution No. 04-2022 dated June 29, 2022, “Allowing Air Materiel Wing Savings and Loan Association, Inc. (AMWSLAI) to Avail the Automatic Pension Deduction Scheme (APDS) and the Pension Deduction Loan Information System (PDLIS) for the Collection of Past Due Accounts (PDA) of the 2,102 Retirees/Borrowers consisting of 3,807 Number of Loans through the PNP Finance Service (PNP FS) subject to the required Net Take Home Pension (NTHP)”.

             All PNP Pensioners with Past Due Accounts (PDA) or unpaid loan accounts of PNP Personnel/Pensioners arising from Obligations contracted from AMWSLAI are advised to coordinate with the nearest AMWSLAI branch.

        For further related inquiries and concerns please contact 8911-3030 loc 702, 720-723, and look for the following AMWSLAI personnel: Ms. Davie Repollo, Caye Vidal, Bhing Maganda, Rica Talang and Tin Mendoza.