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                In compliance with the above reference, please be informed of the following details of PhilHealth CY 2023 Premium Contribution Schedule to be implemented effective January 2023:

                a. The increase in Premium Rate from 4.00% to 4.50% (2.25% for Personal Share and 2.25% for Government Share); and

                b. Financial Information Management Division (FIMD), PNPFS shall implement the deduction from the salary of PNP Personnel from pay period January to December 2023.

Monthly Basic Salary

Premium Rate

Monthly Premium




PhP10,000.01 to PhP89,999.99

PhP450.00 to PhP4,050.00



                Further, PNP personnel whose existing loan with the accredited Financial Institutions (FIs) that might be affected on the said PhilHealth increase in Premium rate due to the required Net Take Home Pay are advised to coordinate with the concerned FIs and pay their underpayment thru over the counter to avoid any possible imposition of penalties and surcharges.