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There will be a slight delay in the payout of pension and Medal of Valor benefits for the month of January 2023 due to pending issuance of Guidelines on the Release of Funds for FY 2023 which also affected the issuance of Special Allotment Release Order (SARO) and its corresponding Notice of Cash Allocation (NCA).

Rest assured that the PNP will expeditiously process the payment once funds are readily available.

In addition, PNP COA letter dated April 20, 2021, making reference to Department of Justice (DOJ) Legal Opinion No. 11, series of 2021 signed by Secretary Menardo I. Guevarra, effective July 2021, all 17,999 TPPD/ Survivor Pensioners are now transferred to the NAPOLCOM. Further, be informed of the following changes to be implemented by PRBS as posted in their official Facebook Page “Prbs Pnp”:

  1. Filing of TPPD retirement shall be made directly with the NAPOLCOM, hence, claims for Survivor Death Benefits and Total Permanent Physical Disability (TPPD) retirement will no longer be received by PRBS;
  2. PRBS shall cease to pay all existing TPPD and Survivor pensions, with said payment now being made by the NAPOLCOM; and
  3. All pending TPPD applications with the PNP shall be endorsed to the NAPOLCOM. Pensioner may seek assistance and clarification at PNP Retirement and Benefits Administration Service (PRBS) through the following hotline: Smart: 0961-899-0929, Sun: 0931-064-4316, Globe: 0977-714-5263, and TNT 0953-413-5924.